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1st post for 2012

I didn’t write for quite sometimes.Why?Yeah still wondering the reason why. As for this year, I want and still trying to be the best muslim so I can have a better life in present and future. Sacrifice is the most hardest thing to do in life. But sacrifice ends with beauty in life. Sacrifice can be in the aspect of our money, time, energy and even love. Love is the hardest sacrifice that we have to do. So my journey in 2012 will witnessed the change in me to be a better person, as a wife, mama, daughter, friends and lecturer. There’s no time limit to be a better person.


BEL260- Attention to all

Good day everyone..

As for the 1st task for your online assignment, follow these instructions.

1. Find 1(one) learning game/activity (focus on one particular skill, eg:reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary or grammar)

2. Create the most interesting name for your activity. Eg: Hangman (Vocabulary)

3. Based on the activity that you have chosen, you need to give your own instruction on how to do the activity and POST it on your blog.(The instruction must be in your own word, if you copy the original instruction, no marks will be awarded)

4. This task must be completed and has a comment (at least 2 comments from your friends or followers) before 24th December 2011.

Thats all..tq

The wolf is back!!!

  Yeay..the wolf is back! Lets chase the wolf. The Big Bad Book Wolf Aftermath Sale. Will be held at South City Plaza. All the books are only RM5 and less!!.woooo….

Location:South City Plaza Persiaran Serdang Perdana Taman Sedang Perdana Seksyen 1 43300 Seri Kembangan Malaysia.

Time : Mon – Sun: 10:00 am 9:00 pm

Animal Sounds funny.

Mr Asthma..please go away.

This is a letter from my son, UMAR to Mr Asthma..

Dear Mr Asthma,

Last 2 weeks, I was admitted at peadatrik ward, Hospital Serdang. None of us, mama, abah and my lovely brother, Muadz know that actually I have asthma for quite sometime. Firstly, I was admitted at Az-Zahrah but the doctor diagnosed I suffered a bronchitis. According to the doctor, bronchitis is an infection in the lung and basically, if the children or infants have a difficulty in breathing, they will diagnose that as bronchitis not asthma. The doctor in Hospital Serdang diagnosed that I have asthma.  My parent was so sad. They know nothing about it. They felt so bad because the doctor said that I actually suffered asthma already for a few months. But they don’t realize it. I don’t blame them, well they are not a doctor. Mama is a lecturer while abah is an HR executive. So Mr Asthma, I know that you are a good person. Please stay away because your existence in me have broken mama and abah’s heart. You make me feel weak for the whole day and I don’t want to lose any second of my childhood moment to play hide and seek and have fun with my truck..Please go away..


p/s; to mama, thank you very much for allowing me to post my letter in your wonderful wordpress. Love you so much!


Please read about asthma. It can affect anyone on earth. This web is really good and the explaination is quite simple for those who just want to get some infomation about asthma.

Yummy yummy MACARON..

Today I just ordered 20pcs of macaron at OHmacarons.blogspot. What makes me in love with macaron is not really the taste but the beauty of its color. The color makes that tiny dessert look so inviting. What is macaron? Here is the story from Macaron..

Let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is “Macaron” or “Gerber,” but between the two of us, I prefer to be called “Macaron.” I am round and tempting to the eye. I am made primarily of almond flour, sugar, and egg whites. Throughout the years, very little has changed in terms of my components. I have always had a very classic flavor and my colors have always been very mellow, but recently, two renowned chefs have experimented with me by giving me countless colors and flavors beyond your wildest imagination. Over the years many have experimented with my shape, but whenever possible, I prefer my classic round form.

I have become the most coveted cookie in France, particularly in Paris. I am a bit of a trendy item for people to serve, the favorite sweet of children, the ideal breakfast treat, the beloved cookie of Parisian tea salons, the fashionable gift to give, and the ideal cookie for holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, and finally, without sounding pretentious, I am a bit of a * Star *.

Despite my popularity in Europe and France in particular, I have not had much success yet in the United States. Although it is possible for you to find me here, more often than not it is at extremely expensive prices. Even when I am sold at reasonable prices, perhaps I am not as crunchy outside or as creamy inside as I should be, or perhaps I am too dry, or made with poor ingredients.

Presently, two distinguished pastry chefs are planning to make me a *Star* in New York and the United States. These chefs are Florien Bellanger and Ludovic Augendre, they understand me and love me, and you will too.